Clare Valley SA Water Product

July 2014 – September 2015

Client: Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association

Seed was engaged by the Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association (CRWGA) to assist in negotiating for a cheaper SA Water irrigation water product. The region was experiencing difficulties with water affordability for irrigation of winegrapes. CRWGA sought independent assistance to work collaboratively between growers, the Association and SA Water.

The project involved confidential communication with growers across the region, to assist them in understanding the product being offered by SA Water. This included understanding the timing, pricing and water licensing needs of the product being offered in relation to grower irrigation needs. Work also included collation of property information, grower water requirements, and regional accumulated water data to assist the Association with its negotiations with SA Water.

Seed’s work enabled the region to negotiate a cheaper SA Water product and brought price relief to the region. This over-night summer irrigation transportation product is now being trialled by the region for a three-year period.