Historical Canopy and Land Cover Assessment

June 2017

Client: City of Campbelltown

Seed undertook an assessment of historical land cover (with a focus on tree canopy cover) within each of Campbelltown’s eight suburbs.

Historical assessments were based on a land cover assessment of 2,100 points undertaken by the client using i-Tree Canopy. Combining i-Tree Canopy and GIS approaches, Seed interrogated the 2,100 points using historical imagery and reclassified points into one of nine land cover categories representing the historical landscape.

This project represents a first stage of a larger assessment to determine trends in land cover change over time within suburbs, and across public and private tenures. The information is being used to inform Council decision-making regarding urban forest strategies and planting priorities, as well as advocacy and community engagement.

Image source: J. Garden, Seed Consulting Services