Re-energising Port Adelaide

October 2014 – December 2015

Client: City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Raising energy efficiency awareness in the community has been an important focus for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Seed. Seed has been providing residents and community members with skills to map their energy efficiency opportunities and expert advice on the cost of energy efficiency action and attractive cost savings.

The Re-energising Port Adelaide Enfield Community project was funded by Council and the Federal Government. It uncovered detailed information on energy-use behaviour and savings potential across numerous community groups and organisations such as football, soccer and bowls clubs and council libraries.

Seed used the Eco Mapping™ Toolkit to assist easy learning and effective change. Combined with live energy metering technology provided by Seed, community groups and residents were able to see for the first time how certain activities such as lighting and air-conditioning affect their bill and how simple actions can reduce their impact.

A seminar with EcoMapping™ developer, Mr Heinz Engel, inspired further participation and enabled the community to see such changes being made around the world.