Sustainable Farming – Mid North South Australia

January 2016

Client: Hill River Clare Estate

Hill River Clare Estate (HRCE) is part of a family owned farming enterprise in the Clare Valley region of South Australia. Collectively the farm manages grazing (sheep), winegrape growing, export hay production and intensive chicken production. Water and sustainable farming are key features of farm security.

HRCE employed Seed to review total farm water needs and consider this in terms climate change and future water security.

Seed reviewed total water resource capacity, licensed water allocation (Clare Valley Prescribed Water Resources Area) and innovative options for water reticulation and storage around the property, including Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) potential on the property and as part of a potential regional water security solution.

HRCE have been able to make better decision on farm productivity and profitability by ensuring greater security of water, avoidance of any excess water use charges and creation of a sustainable farming plan for the enterprise.